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How do I get to the city center from Budapest Airport?

Hello dear traveler, Today, I am going to address a question that is quite recurrent among travellers: How do you get to the city center of Budapest airport? Many of you think that you can take a metro to get to the city center. However, this will not be possible because there are very few metro lines in Budapest and none of them go all the way to the airport. There are only 4 different ways to get from Budapest airport to the city center: 1) Bus 100E Bus 100E is a direct bus line between the airport and the city centre (terminus at the Déak Ferenc Tér metro station). This means of transportation will be by far the cheapest of the 3 alternatives. It serves 4 stops: Liszt Ferenc Airport 2, Kálvin Tér M, Astoria M and Deák Ferenc Tér M. It will take you 40 minutes to reach the center. The first bus leaves the airport at 5.00 am and the last bus leaves at 1.20 am. On average, a bus leaves every 15 minutes. The price of this special ticket is HUF 900 (about 3€). It is free of charge for adults over 65 years old living in the European Union or Switzerland and for children under 6 years old. For more information about the location of the bus at the airport and how to buy the tickets without queuing: download the complete free practical guide. 2) The minibus Minibus shuttles leave every 15 to 25 minutes from the airport to drop off travellers at their accommodation address for the weekend. Once your luggage has been collected, go to the reception point located on the arrivals level and validate your reservation voucher (they accept dematerialized vouchers). The fare is 10.5€ per person. To book, click here. 3) Hungarian taxis: Főtaxi Főtaxi is the only Hungarian taxi company mandated to pick up passengers from the airport via their taxi stands. You will have to queue at the kiosks which are located just outside the terminals (A or B) on the arrivals level. You will be given the address of your hotel and they will assign you a taxi number with a license plate. The taxi fare is between 25-30€ excluding traffic jams. To learn more about how to avoid queuing for a Hungarian taxi: download the complete free practical guide. 4) VTC: Bolt Bolt drivers are not allowed to park at the airport. Nevertheless, they pass the drop-off at the arrivals level every 5 minutes. The fare is the same as local taxi fares. It is between 25-30€ excluding traffic jams. For more information to organize your weekend in Budapest:

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