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The Budapest Is Mine Discovery Route: a cultural and gastronomic weekend in Budapest

Today I'm going to tell you about the last discovery route I created to visit Budapest: A cultural and gastronomic weekend in Budapest.

Why did you create a discovery tour of the city of Budapest?

Quite simply because it is an essential element when visiting a city.

Everyone creates a route to discover a new city during a weekend abroad. Some people work it upstream, others do it subconsciously.

When you visit a new destination, you get the euphoria of wanting to discover as much as possible in a limited time. So, we try to optimize our time as much as possible so that we can get everything back into the planning.

However, organizing a course takes a lot of time and knowledge. And nowadays, time is a very precious resource!

Why should we choose the Budapest Is Mine courses?

I think this is a question that many of you are asking yourself. Many people stop at the price of the route (14.99 euros) without really going any further. It's a shame because there is a real approach behind this project.

Behind the Budapest Is Mine routes, there are many hours of work. Carrying out a course may seem simple, but in reality it is very complex.

You must have a very thorough knowledge of the city in terms of points of interest, restaurants, bars, everyday life, practical advice ... Once you have acquired all this knowledge, it is essential to select the most interesting information and bring it into a global and optimized course.

The discovery taken really aim to be essential to travelers during their weekend. They replace all other internet sites or paper guides that may exist. With them, you are able to explore the city. 

They give you all the steps to do in a day, places to explore, streets to take, reservations to make. They relieve you of any questions you may have when you go away for the weekend. 

In addition to this, they have other advantages: 

  • They are made by a local resident who knows the city very well. Ask yourself the following question: would you be ready to have your shoes repaired by someone other than a shoemaker? I think the answer is no. So why do it differently when it comes to discovery tours and tourist guides?

  • The addresses are audited regularly (and not every two years.!).

  • Products are updated frequently to always provide you with the best information possible.

  • They save you time by preselecting interesting, necessary and useful information.

  • They save you money. Indeed, with quality addresses, you will not spend your money in tourist traps and with the official booking links, you will not give your money to a third party.

  • The icing on the cake: these discovery routes save trees because they are dematerialized. 

I can guarantee you that they will be your best friend during your weekend in Budapest! 

If you want to know more about our products: click here. 

If you want a free practical guide on the 4 means of transport to reach Budapest city center quickly: click here. 

See you soon !

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