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What to put in your suitcase to go on a weekend to Budapest in summer?

Hello dear traveler!

Going on weekends is a great experience to live! But before leaving, there is always the chore of packing your suitcase. And there, everyone is asking the same question: "What should I put in my suitcase?"

As the summer season arrives, a list is essential to help you.

Summer in Budapest is very hot and very sunny. It is therefore necessary to protect yourself unless you want to end up burning by the sun:

  • A backpack ;

  • A gourd (if you want to avoid having to find bottles of water during your visits);

  • A sunscreen (I would recommend 30 but everyone knows their resistance to the sun!);

  • A water sprayer to refresh you from time to time;

  • A hat;

  • A good deodorant :)

If there is sun and heat, you will surely go in the city's thermal baths. So remember to take the following:

  • A swimsuit;

  • 2 towels (one to dry yourself between the baths and one to dry yourself when you return to the cabin);

  • A pair of flip flops for the baths (it is compulsory otherwise you will have to buy them on the spot);

  • A bathing cap if you like swimming in the pools reserved for this use;

  • Body moisturizer (the properties of water tend to dry out the skin).

In terms of clothing, favor:

  • t-shirts or tank tops;

  • skirts or shorts;

  • comfortable open shoes for walking;

  • pants and a t-shirt that covers the shoulders if you plan to visit the Great Synagogue of Budapest (shorts and tank tops are prohibited);

  • a vest or sweater because many restaurants or cafes are air conditioned.

Finally, don't forget your discovery route Budapest Is Mine. It will allow you to discover Budapest for 2 days without worrying about anything. You will just have to follow the established route to explore the city in an optimal way! No more guided tours at exorbitant prices, you will have everything you need in your pocket.

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See you soon.

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